Waking the Iron Tyrant

Characters: Veetahn, Smeesh, Zillah, Vertarin, Grolakk, Bastel, Mav

  • Bastel cleared a dungeon some time ago, looking to ressurect his wife
  • The creator of the dungeon had a thing for metal statues
  • Creature eating some of a corroded metal statue
  • Rust lords, more powerful rust monsters
  • Gave Bastel the business, shields and armor broke
  • Ate Veetahn’s jewelry, she is devastated
  • Some more fighting
  • There is a hallway that party skipped over, Bastel knows it is not worth it
  • A puzzle, will come back for it
  • Reached a dead rust lord and a skeleton in armor
  • An iron golem in the back of the room, activates when the party steps in
  • Broke the iron golem
  • Casting ressurrection on the dead wife of a minotaur
  • Bastel’s wife was not exactly thankful but accepted ressurrection
  • Going back to the puzzle
  • Veetahn has some intuition as to the puzzle that it is color theory
  • She is correct, they are complementary colors