They Might Be Giants, They're Definitely Giants

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Windmill Inspection
Client: Sir Galifrey
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden, Raserai, Smeesh, Yole, Lily, Minerva & Teeth
Summary: We met with the client. Despite his deranged claims, that he noted the windmills would move occasionally provided cause enough to go along with it. While the first farm we inspected proved to have an actual windmill, the second had two for some reason, both spinning in opposite directions. When we raised this concern with the farmer, he found himself rather worried, and agreed to our inspection. We found that one of the windmills was in fact, six giants in disguise, vindicating the claims of Sir Galifrey. Unfortunately.

After a brief scuffle, we managed to subdue the giants, leaving one alive for interrogation. The farmer has no idea how the windmill his family built was replaced by giants, just as I have no idea when the headache this venture has caused me will go away. Truly, a great many mysteries surround this request.

We learned that the giants were set upon this path by a halfling or gnome who passed the idea onto them. Likely followers of Kroddlebok. Lacking the information we needed to push our investigation further, we left the remainder to Sir Galifrey.

End of Report.