The Raserai Raid

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Search and Rescue
Client: Aiden Harthen
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden Harthen, Arredesh, Minerva & Teeth, Yole, Lily, Astikar ((CONRAD)), Corias

Arriving in Ammos, the first thing we did was report our encounter with Brodvurst to get an idea of the guard in the area, as well as give us an alibi for our visit as to not immediately raise alarms. Following what we learned, we managed to find out both about a Captain Griffonhold who has a taste for wine, and about a gnome who believes lizard people are infiltrating the government. Talking to the gnome led to us narrowing down he believed a black-haired halfling was really a lizard person in disguise. As we were to find out the following day, he was correct.

At Yole’s suggestion, we investigated the wine tasting where we would encounter Griffonhold, and following a prank, quickly determined both that Griffonhold was secretly a kobold, and that the facility where Raserai was held was underneath the vineyard. After a brief scuffle with the disguised kobold and a few individuals who came to investigate, we managed to subdue them and left them tied up before we ventured into the depths of the facility.

Despite the chaos, we’ve managed to pull Raserai from the facility as it blew to smithereens after we managed to trigger every alarm and failsafe. Not our most subtle work, I will admit, but we all made it out alive. Thank the gods.

End of Report.