The Pleddsborough Peculiarity

Characters: Grolakk, Raserai, Jay & Briar, Smeesh, Corias, Minerva & Teeth, Aiden, Regynian

  • Apparitions of the dead showing up outside a village, but not ghosts per se
  • Traveling out to the northeast, to the commune of Pleddsborough
  • Arrived at those communists, incoherent yelling from a large tent
  • Corias goes right on up and is stopped
  • The apparitions are at the edges of the commune not so much at the tent
  • They show up at dusk
  • Aiden listens in, the rambling is that language previously heard
  • Apparations are similar to the ones around Javik
  • Has been 200 years since the one affected has spoken, she is evidently very old
  • Definitely not friendly
  • Asked about any outsiders
  • A person rambling about a book had come around before this happened
  • They didn’t have a book, but they were talking about one
  • Seems to be that book the Nester cultists had, which summoned similar apparations of werewolf pope
  • More noise from within, drawing in the person at the door
  • An old decrepit woman, screaming incoherently and surrounded by strange symbols
  • She is panicking and trying to communicate with people, but is unable to
  • A shrine has been built around in this building, around a chair/throne of sort
  • Someone has been sitting in that chair for a long time
  • Has a symbol of a bad omen
  • Corias sits on the chair, he’s fine but gets smacked for it
  • Talking about how to figure out communicating with her, Corias looks at her thoughts and others
  • Something’s coming and she’s afraid, her and her people.
  • Dusk is approaching
  • Commune goes in to barricade up
  • An old man with a censer burning incense speaks with the party
  • They make incense here, unique to this settlement. Pleddenroot.
  • The blessing of festivities. We’re a little low on festivities.
  • Dusk comes, manifestations immenent.
  • Manifestations look mutated like Nester followers.
  • Commune is pretty religiously following the old lady, so that Nester influence is here is odd.
  • Manifestations are those dead as well as possibly those alive too, just mostly dead
  • Rush in towards the party, bearing swords and scythes
  • Front line bears the brunt of the assault
  • Smack in to our line, and we push back
  • Manifestations should be like in life, not twisted
  • Checking on the affected old woman
  • Still having issues getting through to her
  • Discussing what the danger may be, evacuation discussed
  • Looking into person they chased out, sent out minerva
  • The old man with the censer was the one who sent for aid
  • Unsure if the problem is solved or not, they come every night so we’re not sure
  • Looking at the symbols she had drawn
  • She as has been worshipped as a god for a long time, might be unable to speak current language
  • Very old symbols of doom and such
  • Raserai fetched to cast the supression of fear.
  • She calms down and walks over to the chair and sits down.
  • Manifestations are showing up by once-gods
  • Corias pulls out a gun and shoots her, she is still immortal
  • Firmly escorted out. She is worshipped for community.
  • Nester has a Community domain too.
  • Nester seems to be looking to corrupt the once-god.
  • Corias gets knocked out by the party
  • Talking with the town again, informing about Nester’s apparent plot
  • Sleeping nearby, party was kicked out from the building due to Corias
  • Figuring to speak with Ajek when returning to town
  • Apparations don’t seem to reappear that night
  • The communists don’t have money to give, but have goods as rewards

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Paranormal Investigation
Client: Citizen of Pleddsborough
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden Harthen, Grolakk, Raserai, Jay & Briar, Smeesh, Corias, Minerva & Teeth, Regynian

Following the directions given, we arrived in Pleddsborough to investigate the apparations of the dead that were appearing at night. We learned that they worshipped a matron, one who had been silent for two centuries until she had suddenly been gripped by a fit of madness and histeria. From what we were able to gather, a cultist of Nester rambling about a book was chased out of the village shortly before the phenomenon began occuring. This fits with previous investigations regarding the book of void words being stolen, and was corroborated when we found the Matron appearing to speak in the tongue of the void. In what little we could manage to communicate and learn from the symbols and gestures we could decypher, something is coming that threatens both her and her people. Nightfall was approaching, so the members of the commune retreated indoors while we prepared for battle.

The manifestations were indeed similar to the ones that have pestered Ajek, resembling members of the commune both alive and dead. However, these appeared to have mutations akin to the “blessing” of Nester. We fight them off for the night, and resume our investigation in the morning.

From the investigation, we were able to confirm that the Matron is a once-god through Corias recklessly shooting her in the head. It seems that Nester may be attempting to corrupt her through their shared domains and the use of the language of the void. The manifestations did not appear the following night, so we have opted to return and will need to discuss what was learned with Ajek. Perhaps he may have further information to offer us.

End of Report.