The Moonlit Pools

Characters - Scherbrim, Grolakk, Cu, Hanz, Minerva, Smeesh (Raserai, Zillah)

  • Moonlit pools, a holy site to Opella

  • Arredesh left a note

  • Looking into the pools

  • Met the party from the hill giant session on the road back. Raserai joins. Zillah joins.

  • Got to the pool, a crowd around it, but nobody in it

  • Hanz yeets himself into the pool

  • It’s bad to go in the water, as the minotaur yells at him

  • Hanz goes deaf

  • Happened recently, like instead of removing curses, getting new ones

  • Hanz gets the deafness removed

= NET DED. Notes off of just phone.=

  • Brotherhood of eve

  • Three tieflings

  • Issues with pool started after a group went here to treat their curses

  • Did not treat him, his legs suddenly stopped working when fighting fiends

  • Pools seem misaligned (from during ded net)

  • Fiends were higher up on the mountain. Water flows downhill, may be tied to water source.

  • Going to the other tieflings. The second went alone. There were multiple groups.

  • The fiends were breaking things related to Opella

  • Going to the third tiefling. He is unfortunately ugly, but that is not his curse.

  • \Chicken time\

  • Two holy sites on the mountain, the pools, and the Moon’s Cascade up on the mountain

Second Session
Characters - Scherbrim, Grolakk, Hanz, Minerva, Smeesh, Aiden, Raserai

  • Scrounging some silver arrows to buy from the Brotherhood of Eve
  • Jay feels something off with the spirits
  • Going to follow the trail of the previous adventurers
  • Found where they fought a number of demons, flying imps of some sort
  • Searching the area, found a single set of footprints going away up to the mountain, not the adventurers. Fresh tracks, and it’s a human.
  • Demon bodies stuck around, so they weren’t summoned.
  • Following these tracks, going towards the springs that fill the moonlit pools
  • See a bunch of demons around a human, looks like they’re not hostile to one another
  • Fight the demons, kill them, the man does not fight
  • Party runs up to the man
  • The blood seems to disappear
  • Speaking with the man, talking about the curse pools
  • People relying on the pools rather than healers’ own capabilities
  • Hanz yeets some curse water into his face
  • Sometimes it curses, sometimes its other effects
  • Demons blood spilling to soil the holy ground
  • He talks about a promise to be fulfilled that hasn’t, looking to Jay
  • His face starts smoking, Jay’s too, barbarian squad starts swinging
  • Demon blood spilling rose up demonically infused corpseglomerates
  • A mark of a serpent on the two, a voice emenating
  • Fighting undead demons
  • Jay comes out of it, attempts to channel to heal, it hurts instead
  • Scherbrim gets fried with hellfire. Rough to have to undo his preparation.
  • Grolakk and Smeesh get torn up by demons. Briar too.
  • Barely scraped through, nausea poison did a number on DPS.
  • Blood remains on the ground, doesn’t return more
  • The priest had got slammed with a Gentle Repose for interrogation after getting nuked by Hanz earlier
  • Taking bodies of the fallen back, seems demon issues were more or less resolved as far as we know
  • Going to continue on to the top though, it’s about a full moon and Minerva is interested

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Curse Investigation/Fiend Extermination
Client: Clergy of Opella
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden Harthen, Minerva & Teeth, Scherbrim, Raserai, Smeesh, Hanz, Grolakk, Jay & Briar
Summary: Meeting up with the others alongside Jay and Raserai in the midst of the return from dealing with Chief Baron Lord King Bobingus, we ended up finding the objective changed from using the pools to fixing the pools after something corrupted the divine essense, making it trade curses rather than remove them.

Following the path, we found both a smattering of demon corpses and a single trail of footprints leading to a man, whom we found walking alongside still living demons. After eliminating the demons and confronting the man, he spoke in cryptic terms regarding the demons blood tainting the land, and Minerva observed the blood that had been spilled from the demons prior had dissappeared. Shortly thereafter, he spoke something to Jay, and red smoke began billowing out of the faces of both the man and Jay as they were entrapped in something. We had little time to react, as undead amalgamations of corpses both human and fiend rose and attacked us. The battle proved costly - Scherbrim, Smeesh, Grolakk and Briar all losing their lives over the course of it, but the hell-touched abominations eventually broke before us. With luck, that will prove to be the end of the taint afflicting the Moonlit Pools. Afterwards, we took the bodies of our comrades and pushed forward towards the Moon’s Cascade at the summit, hoping that we might make it in time for both the ritual for Minerva and for the clerics at the summit to be able to revive our fallen.

The Guild Report continues to another page…

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Curse Investigation/Fiend Extermination (Continued)
Client: Clergy of Opella
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden Harthen, Minerva & Teeth, Scherbrim, Raserai, Smeesh, Hanz, Grolakk, Jay & Briar, Lor & Ip
Summary: Continued from Defending the Moonlit Pools
As we made strides towards the summit, we discovered to our horror that the fallen demons had risen again as a single amalgamated corpse. After briefly diverting it, we found that we would not be able to escape it, and instead used our bought time to lay a trap. It fell into place, and was soon returned to its “rest” with fire and blade. Lor joined us amidst the skirmish, and we continued on to the Moon’s Cascade.

When we arrived at the Cascade, we found ourselves stopped by a particularly smug and abrasive cleric. After we found diplomacy a failed endevour, we found her looking to someone in the crowd for advice. Hanz brought her over, and she revealed herself to be Minerva’s mother, the one who cursed Minerva in the first place. Acting swiftly as the moon was soon to pass, we managed to push past the witch and her associates to push Minerva through the falls.

Minerva emerged with the child, now bearing wings as her curse was “cured” by turning her into a Wyvaran. Her mother fled, Raserai dashed through the falls after Minerva revealed herself. We questioned the blasphemous cleric who attempted to deny Minerva the cure, found that she had owed a favor and decided that her Goddess meant less than gaining favor with a witch. This makes twice in a single night that we find those who are supposed to embody her will and act in her holiest of sites have discarded their faith and duties for favors. Opella is not known for her mercy, and my disgust is such that I feel they earn whatever fate she bestows upon them.

After this chaos, we managed to revive our fallen and gather what information we could.

Third session

  • healing up as moving along
  • Big thing following, looks to be made up of demon corpses
  • Trying to shake it, Raserai uses an illusion to divert it back into the treeline
  • But only temporarily
  • Setting up a defensive position
  • Slapping down grease, hiding bodies, bracing for impact
  • Big thing runs in, skids on grease
  • Gets lit up with alchemist’s fire
  • Gets surrounded with a bunch of people and beat up
  • Need to sanctify the bodies to keep them from getting up
  • Shoved a boulder on it, chucked some holy water on it and went on
  • Reaching the Moon’s Cascade
  • A ritual will take place as the Full Moon passes above, where the cursed walk through the falls
  • Incredibly powerful curses are broken here
  • Nearly always works, historically a few (guessing warwelf) could not be broken here
  • Arrival to a massive crowd of people
  • An argument near the falls itself, an older woman in holy garb of Opella, and an angery Arredesh
  • Pushing through the crowd to get up there
  • Only one being allowed to go through the waterfall, kid in a wheelchair
  • Minutes before the full moon
  • Arguing with the priestess about the falls working on more than one
  • The priestess has some ulterior motives
  • The wheelchair would need pushed. So there would be two going through. Minerva volunteers.
  • Caught in trying to justify herself, she looks over to somebody else
  • Hanz directed to grab the person she was looking to, questioning them
  • She’s Minerva’s mother. It was at the behest of her.
  • Time is about up, Aiden tells Minerva to go through the falls with the child
  • Hanz grabs Minerva’s mom, he gets slumbered
  • Raserai starts the rage up. Isaiah is in the crowd and probably wonders why he’s angry.
  • Oof. All the setup for a nat 1 on the bull rush to push Minerva.
  • Minerva runs through the waterfall anyway, pulling the kid in with her as she goes, succesfully juking the interception
  • Through the waterfall as the moon goes through
  • Mask and the wheelchair goes up, Minerva and the kid are in the pool
  • Minerva has been begecked in a beneficial way
  • Chaos breaks out
  • Minerva’s mom tries to escape, getting beaten on the way
  • Isaiah points a gun at her head, Raserai holds a Bladed Dash
  • Teeth gets in the water with croc mom
  • Minerva shoots out of the water, a wyvaran
  • Mother is confused, but still held up
  • Raserai took note of Minerva’s transformation and using her held spell throws herself into the falls
  • Minerva’s mom gets grappled but vanishes with some boots of escape
  • Raserai’s having a bit of a breakdown
  • Finding a cleric for raising dead, an old near senile man is quite a powerful cleric
  • Needing another diamond, buying it off the crowd
  • Reviving the dead
  • Looking for sanctification of the corpse we left behind, the old man springs into action
  • The party revived, speaking with one another in the aftermath
  • Trying to question the lady who was helping Minerva’s mom
  • She was doing a favor for Minerva’s mom
  • Talking amongst the party in the aftermath. Scherbrim missed the big event so he’s trying to catch up.