The Hell Library Method

Characters: Raserai, Regynian, Aiden, Hanz, Kaine, Arredesh, Willow, Leo, Minerva & Teeth

  • Going to retrieve Janus and Salizar’s contract from Hell
  • Yorg is to teleportal the party into it, Salizar and Janus coming along
  • Negating the teleportation of the devils and sealing it temporarily
  • Rushing through the hallways of a Hell library, fighting devils
  • Got to the contract devils, killed them all
  • Grabbed the desks and the bodies
  • Tried to take Janus, but he didn’t
  • Found the contract of Salizar’s, he knows which it is
  • Aiden looks for his brother’s, but hard to tell any apart without translation
  • The contract is destroyed, and Janus resurrected
  • Yorg entrusted with the other contracts
  • Aiden did find his brother’s