The Failures of Tusec Forgeforge

Characters: Yole, Aiden, Scherbrim, Smeesh, Minerva & Teeth, Ceun

  • going to stop Tusec Forgeforge from being big dumb and causing problems
  • arrived at station
  • group of dwarves at the border
  • Tusec is a dwarf catfolk
  • Going up diplomatically
  • Verify his father’s orders
  • His orders from the admiral are fake. Also admirals do navy stuff. We’re very much on land.
  • Have a sending means, hand it over to Tusec to verify
  • Admiral was unhappy
  • Really wanted to fight, ended up going to the arena
  • Some difficulty with the blind gunner, taking down a few of our frontliners
  • Managed to take him out, then clean up the rest.
  • All nonlethal, so just for sport.