The Borborngus Battle Bonanza

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Cargo Protection
Client: Kro’nah’al’brim
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden Harthen, Yole Greymare, Maverick, “Conrad,” Corias, Smeesh, Raserai
We met with the Nocturnal Liquidators, but were unable to ascertain much regarding the cargo beyond the dwarves aboard the train carrying a greater degree of protection. We handed off our weapons to the duo to smuggle in with the rest of the cargo, then boarded the train.

On board the train, one of Kro’nah’s operatives made contact with our supplies with a food cart, giving us the alias “Elias Fakename” to refer to if anyone questions it. Maverick chose to slip off and investigate to gather more information while Raserai and I tried to keep Smeesh from stealing the furniture and Corias from sabotaging the train. I was unsuccessful at the latter.

Late into the trip as we passed through a tight pass in Minutia, the train slowed and we approached a tunnel. It would be an excellent spot for an attack, and when we noticed things were off, we very quickly prepared ourselves for the attack to come and tipped off the drivers of the train.

In the tunnels, we came face to face with the would be train-jackers… and the source of the Kro’nah’s leaked intelligence, his daughter Se’la’lo’kro. After a brief skirmish, we managed to subdue her and put an end to Borborngus and the followers of Rius working with him. Unfortunately, right away, Smeesh and Maverick rushed to inform Kro’nah before I could ask her anything. Godsdamnit.

End of Report.