The Boborngus Battle Bonanza

Characters: Smeesh, Raserai, Mav, Aiden, Corias, CONRAD, Yole

2250 gp apiece (1500 gp contract, 250 gp salvage, 500 gp care package)

5500 experience apiece

The “care package” would be present at the guild upon their return. It’s a small container with a number of presents marked with people’s names. Or at least close enough.

Smeesh – Flask of Endless Sake Beer

Raserai – Dimensional Acid (Corrosive Pit)

Maverick – Vest of Escape

Aiden – Fan of Flirting

Corias – Far-Reaching Sight

Conrad – Lesser Selective Metamagic Rod

Scroll of Resist Energy (acid) CL3
Scroll of Resist Energy (fire) CL3

Yole - Bookmark of Deception

Aiden pointedly rejects the Fan of Flirting. Someone else take it, he’s not going to.