The Baron Bobingus Bonanza

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Extortion Prevention
Client: Pippi Poppins
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden Harthen, Norm, Yole, Lily, Raserai, Zillah
Following the lead of the request, we asked a knight of the land and determined that the giants, through some flagrant abuse of poorly written legal policy, do infact have the authority to tax Himmityham. To that end, I set to work finding ways of contesting the giants’ authority against that of the local baron, in hopes of forcing them to kneel and cease their reckless taxation of the town. With them having legitimate legal authority, our ability to simply root the problem out by force is hamstrung by the potential reprecussions of such an act.

Meeting with the illiterate hill giant who claims to be a tax collector working for a “Chief Baron Lord King Bobingus,” we have convinced him to take us to the one who hired him so that we might cut to the root of the issue. Finding the eponymous giant with a minotaur advisor bearing the tabbard of Rius, we were able to determine that they were the source of the recent political aims of the hill giants. After bringing both his advice and his intentions into question, we were allowed a trial by combat with the minotaur Brodvurst, of which Norm volunteered as the combatant from our party.

Norm chose to use his necklace to…what I assume is devour the soul, of Brodvurst. Despite this, we still managed to gather information through a spell cast on his corpse. He was sent by Baron Kroddlebok, or who he assumes to be the Baron, to put the giants into a disruptive position. It seems he operated primarily out of Ammos, as it was both the place he came from prior and where he would go back to to recieve new orders.

Finally, we seem to have redirected the hill giants onto more…constructive means. I hesitate to call the matter resolved quite yet, but at the very least they should stop extorting chickens from Himmityham. We will have to keep an ear to the ground and potentially intervene if more problems arise.

End of Report.