Characters: Mav, Vikri, Vetarin, Yeet, Yole, Hanz, Zillah, Salizar & Janus, Gohzra

  • Investigating a clan with a dragon in the area
  • Reaching a cave
  • A grave outside, Vikri raises the buried wyvaran corpse
  • Vetarin found a hidden entrance in the cliffside
  • Stealth geck squad and rest of party split off
  • Main squad found some traps, going along, finding holes in the wall to observe
  • Bomb triggered by a thrown rock, combat starting
  • A bunch of kobolds further in the cave
  • One of which turned into a dragon
  • The stealth group gets a flank around as the others fight
  • Vetarin realizes its not actually a dragon and tries to get everyone to stand down
  • Yeet recognizes one, his uncle Juggle
  • Two kobolds get killed before the dragon is knocked out and combat dies down
  • Dragon dies when it turns back into a kobold
  • Party does defuse the situation, figure in resurrections, loot, etc