Saving Blinded Catfolk

Characters: Yeet, Yole, Le Frog, Daikon, Aiden, Arredesh, Minerva & Teeth

  • Jay and Jasper are being accosted by a group of outlaws
  • Taking a train out towards the Verdant Expanse
  • On the way to Jay’s place, overhear some dwarves discussing a haul from a caravan
  • Discussing wether to talk with them or go past
  • Decided to go past, but did get spotted
  • Tried to accost the party with a tax
  • Pointed out we outnumber them, they backed off
  • Moved on to Jay’s house
  • Land has been “claimed” by a group that is shaking them down for money
  • Jasper comes in with a pair of twins
  • The kids are theirs, bit of a reveal for Jasper. Still he/him pronouns.
  • Going to where we think the bandits are
  • Found it, a group of people milling about
  • Aiden has forged a deed and is accosting them about owning the land
  • They’re going to get the boss
  • Went in and got the boss. He’s got a deed as well.
  • Clearly not real, and he tears up the group’s
  • Aiden smacks him and combat starts
  • Aiden gets pincushioned a bit, healed up by Jay
  • Boss man is paralyzed and coup de graced
  • They keep going for the bosses dropped hammer
  • Playing keepaway with the hammer
  • Aiden is rather unlucky about the crits, but he yet lives
  • Gay cat claims Mjolnir
  • And manages a hit with it
  • Net harrassment and unadulterated loathing
  • Gay cat riding a griffin and wielding a hammer
  • Archer with broken bow found an opportunity, grabbed bow, stood up, dropped it
  • Gathered those left and took care of them
  • Returning with Jay to his place

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Bandit Removal
Client: Jay & Jasper
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden Harthen, Yeet, Yole, Le Frog(?), Daikon, Arredesh, Minerva & Teeth
Summary: Following a request for assistance from two former guildmembers, we took a train out towards the Verdant Expanse to help them drive off the bandits that have been accosting them. We encountered some of their number along the way, but they were frightened off to be outnumbered by a group of well-armed individuals.

When we arrived, we found them having claimed to have owned the land and were attempting to shake them down for money. I copied down a deed to bring to them, see if the confusion might offer us any advantages. We also found that Jay and Jasper have had children. I’ve little idea how that works, but it is not my place to question it. They seem happy, at any rate.

The false deed did work, and their response to being accosted in turn lured their leader out. With a clever opening strike, he was dead as soon as the battle began. Unfortunately, his henchmen were quite skilled as well. Through the course of the battle, my left eye had even been shot out by an arrow. Still, we came out on top and secured Jay and Jasper their family’s safety. After some final talk and greetings, we returned to Libertalia with our heads held high.

End of Report.