Raising Hell Below The Streets

Characters: Amara, Hanz, Zillah, Flint, Norm, Arredesh, Grolakk, Maverick, Val Jahn & The Constable
325 gp each
2300 exp each

Likely Salvage (sold)
4 Mwk Leather Armor
4 Mwk Spiked Chain
4 Mwk Axe Knuckles

  • 194 gp each if all sold

Bonebreaker Bracers

Horn of Fog

Extract Book: Longarm, Cure Light Wounds, Reduce Person, Expeditious Retreat, Invisibility, Cat’s Grace, Barkskin, Blistering Invective

Hanz wants the bracers but will give them up to anyone else.

Arredesh would gladly take that horn of fog, and would highly recommend selling the salvage gear.