Night of The Unliving Leos

Characters: Veetahn, Kirko, Flint, Zillah, Yole, Solomon, Norm, (Mav)

7500 exp apiece.

Total gold apiece 850gp. (600 gp in salvage goods apiece (good amount of mwk armor of small size, art pieces of Leo face made of valuable materials, etcetera), contract pay of 250 gp apiece.)

A Leo Imbroglio statuette with “Property of Dumas Industries” inscribed upon it.

Lesser Threnodic Metamagic Rod – 3/day can affect undead with spells they otherwise would ignore, 3rd or lower

A Leo mask in the process of being enchanted. Both fortunately and unfortunately, the magic is not on the mask yet, and the materials incomplete. 8000 gp market price worth towards a Mask of the Mesmerist.

49/50 CL3 Wand of Magic Missile

There were a number of items tucked away from the victims of the ghouls, those that didn’t join them would be eaten.

Deliquescent Gloves – 1d6 acid damage on handheld attacks (including claws), effects for hitting slimes.

Dhoti of Style Mastery – 1/day temp hp for using style feats

Dusty Rose Ioun Stone – 1 insight AC (Veetahn at would at the very least like to have a look at this)

Likely Salvage

+1 Greataxe (medium) – 2320 gp market

+1 Chain Shirt (medium) – 1250 gp market

+2 Chain Shirt (small) – 4250 gp market

4301 sell total (55% rate)

537 gp 6sp apiece if sold

Yole is going to ask about that Lesser Threnodic Rod and also about the partially finished mask.

Norm grabs the Dhoti.
Solomon gets the gloves.
Veetahn claims the Stone. And the wand of magic missile. She’s go the UMD.