Mystery of Enville

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Medical Assistance
Client: Doctor Julian Harr
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden, Jay, Briar, Smeesh, Scherbrim, Solomon, and Yole
Summary: After resolving any issues with the trainride over, we did some investigating around town. Found there were problems with mistaken identity, a child that went missing in the fields two years back, and unfortunately, we found ourselves swapping bodies as well.

By the time we awoke in everyone else’s body, a riot was about to start outside. Thankfully, Solomon managed to calm the crowds long enough to spot the fey manipulating everyone, and then Yole ran in and smashed its face in, followed by Smeesh and Jay coming in to reinforce while Scherbrim tended to the wounded.

If that sounds confusing, congratulations, you now have an idea of what we went through.

End of Report.

Mystery of Enville
Characters: Scherbrim, Jay & Briar, Aiden, Yole, Smeesh, Solomon

  • There is mysterious goings on in Enville, people not feeling normal in brain
  • Taking the train and walking to Enville
  • Arrival in Enville, a rather normal village
  • Checking for magic, there is a lingering magic around, but nothing strong on the people
  • There’s a farmer that isn’t dressed for farming
  • Smeesh goes to open random doors to look around
  • But the party gets pointed to the doctor
  • Doctor giving the party the rundown
  • Son is sick, other people getting a confusion of sorts during the doctor’s stay
  • Villagers don’t seem to notice anything going on
  • There was a fight that broke out as the villagers had a mixup with spouses
  • Those in the mixup were insisting that it was always that way
  • Going to check on Joe, one of the men that were affected
  • He had some magic remnants on him but not current magic
  • After talking with the doctor, checking on the son, who is most sick, for magic
  • No magic, just leprosy
  • Solomon goes outside, partial transformation, something smells off
  • As if something were harvested, but there’s no plants harvested
  • Solomon hears light laughter on the wind
  • Thinking it may be fae, but nothing known for sure
  • Smeesh goes get Jay to help with nature knowledge
  • Solomon checking on the wheat field
  • It doesn’t seem to actually be actually wheat
  • Smeesh going over to check a locked door, it goes away
  • The house has been abandoned for two years, apparently
  • Owner vanished, their daughter dissapeared and then they did
  • Jessie dissapeared in the fields, used to play with Jackson, the ill child
  • Checking out the abandoned house
  • The doctor calls out to Jay as he collapses suddenly
  • Jay has the magic on him
  • He is not waking up, but otherwise not hurt
  • Smeesh goes inside and through the door, found beer
  • Old beer, they had grown hops some years ago. Same time as the dissapeared kid.
  • Things only really happened a month ago
  • Smeesh passes out, has the magic on her too
  • Now Scherbrim passes out
  • Then Aiden
  • Solomon then Yole
  • Scherbrim is the first to wake up, can’t see, seems to be in a catfolk
  • Smeesh wakes up with a kobold in her lap that looks rather familiar
  • Yole got Smeesh, Solomon got Yole, Jay got Scherbrim
  • Smeesh in Aiden’s body returns to 'bold
  • Party figuring out who is who like this
  • At the door the doctor and Briar are holed up
  • A mob outside the door, great amount of bickering
  • An unfamiliar girl poking their head out the door across the way
  • Shutting the door, figuring out handling the mob
  • One side of the village demanding a quarantine regarding the seeming sickness
  • It seems to work well enough for the time being
  • The girl watching is very smug watching the potential violence
  • Pointing her out to the townsfolk, they just now start noticing her
  • Pointing her out and calling her out
  • Westenders get hit with a confusion spell, start fighting one another
  • Yole Smeesh goes charging after the fae Jessie as she is distracted
  • It seems to be an Ijorko, causes chaos to feed off of
  • Magic can be reversed by the fae, or possibly by unaliving the fae
  • The fae is quite unalived
  • Scherbrim-Jay is channel energy bombing
  • Starting to return to original bodies