Edgar's Normal Easy Definitely-No-Combat Fetch Quest

Characters: Raserai, Yeet, Grolakk, Aiden, Norm, Kirko, Zillah, Hanz

  • Delivery for Edgar, gonna need to carry heavy things. Onyx and a sarcophagus.
  • Can’t transport onyx near the sarcophagus. Going to make two trips.
  • Onyx through the streets, sarcophagus through the sewers
  • Going for the onyx first, making through town
  • Arrived at the docks, at the docks. Hooded man talking with the captain.
  • Talking with the guy, overheard him trying to pick it up
  • Pulls his hood back, is a skeleton. Greywalker but not someone with the guild.
  • Has a bag of holding for carrying things, sealed with magic
  • Group going to pick up crates
  • Guy trying to claim to be with the real Champions of Libertalia
  • Feigns being hit, barrels all over dock open, skeletons jump out and make a scene
  • Gets smacked by Aiden and pops back into barrel, disappearing
  • Hanz smashes the barrel
  • Pops out of the spilled water
  • These guys are Bloody Bones, and can teleportal around reflective surfaces and are spooky
  • After the captain goes off, the undead become fully hostile and attack
  • Ernest (the guy talking with the captain) rolls into the water, with some assistance from aiden’s shield
  • Grapply bois are causing some real problems
  • Zillah yeets a boneshaker to negate a grapple into the water
  • Something fell into the water. They’ve burned a hole in the bottom of the dock.
  • Aiden pushes the box a bit to slow the drain
  • Kirko dives in to the water to chase after the drained onyx
  • Cleared the dock and reuniting the rest of the party
  • Dodging a lightning bolt underwater
  • Cleared up above, Kirko fell back but did drive off the ones gathering the onyx
  • Kirko resurfaces
  • Move to mission-IC

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Item Retrieval
Client: Edgar Grey
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden Harthen, Raserai, Yeet, Grolakk, Norm, Kirko, Zillah, Hanz

As per Edgar’s request, we set out to acquire the onyx and a sarcophagus for some ritual he has planned. We thought it best to gather the former first, and set out for the docks. When we arrive, there is a man in a hood talking with the captain. After a brief conversation, he reveals himself to be a Greywalker. However, since none of us recognized him, we tested to see if he was really a member of the guild by asking him about other Greywalkers, such as the unforgettable Aodh (Ay? Aie? I’ve only heard it. The first spelling seems most likely to be a name, thus I’ve opted for that.). Seeing that he lacked such knowledge, he revealed himself to be a fake.

With his ruse being up, he summons more undead minions and tries to feign that we are using them to attack. I break bones upon my shield to disabuse this notion. The captain flees to get the guards, and the fight escalates. The greywalker tries to flee off the side of the docks and I was not quite able to prevent him from doing so. As we would find, he used acid to burn away at the underside of the docks to try and obtain the onyx. We managed to catch on in time, and moved the box before too much onyx was lost. The undead managed to put up a fight, but we thankfully ended them before we took any casualties.

The guards arrived shortly afterwards, and we were able to explain what we could. After being let loose, we returned the oynx to the guild.

End of Report.