Crystallized Knowledge

Transfat session so a bit sparse to write myself

  • Party goes to cave to investigate Veetahn’s vision
  • Inside were a bunch of dead Nester cultists, embedded in the stone of the cave
  • The ruins were discovered behind a wall of the cave
  • A facility dedicated to Venn
  • Party broke in through the magic security system, avoiding traps
  • The medical construct was malfunctioning, went after Veetahn when noticing she had an ioun stone. Started being hostile, alerting the guards. The guards smashed it as the party backed off, then smashed one another since they were being hostile, and they’re as unstable as the medical bot.
  • Getting through further in, finding the caretaker’s body and the library, as well as the research workshop
  • A teleportation circle, disconnected from anything, but useful for materials.
  • There is a golem deactivated, and it comes back to life, but is destroyed by the party
  • Grabbing basically everything that is not nailed down