Crystallized Knowledge

Characters: Veetahn, Smeesh, Yole, Flint, Maverick, Minerva & Teeth, Corias
3000 exp apiece
500 gp apiece from salvage of crystals and pieces

Lantern of Auras
Mnemonic Repository
Magenta Prism Ioun Stone (cracked)
Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone (cracked)
Lenses of Detection
Vest of Surgery
Healer’s Gloves

Likely salvage-
5 +1 Earthbreakers

Books from the library, old gnomish texts on tectonic thaumaturgy. Including ioun stones, the creation of such, attunement, and implantation.

Mav is gonna try to claim the Lantern of Auras.

If given the chance Jay would like to claim the Vest of Surgery and Healer’s Gloves, though as he wasn’t on the session he doesn’t get initial claim.

Yole would like to request the Mnemonic Repository

Sold the Earthbreakers, 919 gp 3 sp apiece.
Minerva claims the Lenses of Detection.
Corias claims the Dusty Rose Ioun Stone
And I guess Veetahn takes the Magenta Prism Ioun Stone (cracked).