Cracking the Captured Void

Characters: Scherbrim, Lor, Norm, Zillah, Solomon, Hango, Veetahn, Grolakk, and Hanz

XP: 3330 each

Each also receive the following:
“Shard of the Captured Void - A small piece of the shattered artifact known as the Captured Void. To those who have not been exposed to its magic, it appears to be a simple shard of obsidian. To those who have experience the power of the captured void, the faint flickering of the stars in the night sky dance across its glass surface. As an immediate action upon failing a skill check or a saving throw, the bearer can use the remaining magic still lying in their memories to reroll the check with a +2 bonus. They must use the second result, even if it is worse. After using a shard in this manner, its lingering magic is consumed and it becomes an ordinary piece of obsidian.”