Civil War No Jutsu

Characters: Aiden Harthen, Arredesh, Hush, “Le Frog,” Raserai, Liz Zantel, Lor & Ip

300 gp each (Contract pay was covered one way or another)
3400 EXP each

Likely salvage

9 Mwk Wakizashi (small)
4 sets of 50 mwk Shuriken (small)
+1 Mithral Chain Shirt (small)
6 Mwk Chain Shirts (small)

607 gp apiece if salvaged

20 applications of Assassin’s Dust for a small creature (takes 2 for a medium, 8 for a large. Half for skeletons.)

  • Disintegrates corpses, does not do anything to living or undead things, only deceased