City of the Dead

Characters: Scherbim, Raserai, Ceun, Aiden, Lor & Ip, Grolakk, Hanz

  • Going to collect undead, intact and moving undead, for research purposes
  • Taking a shortcut with the Murder Wagon, a mining town with an undead problem
  • Rather nicely built for a mining town
  • Not a whole lot of activity in the town from the living it would seem
  • Exploring the town, stealthily, kinda, looking
  • Blood trail down an alleyway
  • Opening a door and a fresher blood trail
  • A barricaded door from the other side, seems there is undead behind there
  • A singular ghoul, turned after barricading inside
  • More outside
  • A raspy voice answering Raserai
  • Figured out where the voice came from, a large undead
  • The large undead cast a spell, a divine caster.
  • A religious sentient undead, that has divine casting. That is not normal.
  • The pit is opened, but the ghouls jumped
  • Boneshaked some into the pit, pushed some others
  • Grappling the ghouls
  • Mentioned “The Unborn Lord”
  • The intelligent undead got kabonked hard, fled, allowing those left to be grabbed
  • But Grolakk too fast while haste and fly’d
  • Captured the others
  • Called up Edgar regarding weird undead, wants them brought to Libertalia
  • Undead had a strange holy symbol, like a twisted head of a fetus
  • Going for delivery of undead, town is very much overrun, we’ll be coming back at some point most likely

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Retrieval
Client: Frederick the Tall
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden Harthen, Raserai, Scherbrim, Lor & Ip, Zillah, Ceun, Hanz, Grolakk
Summary: We arrived at the town, finding it entirely decimated. We did not venture in far before encountering a swarm of undead- most mindless, save for a singular leader displaying intelligence and faith. It cast divine magic and claimed to act as the vessel for an “Unborn Lord.” We put it down, captured as many of the rest as we could, and then returned the corpse of the intelligent undead to Edgar so he could try and figure out what profane process through which undead was granted the magic of the divine. Below is a sketch of the symbol of faith that the creature used to call upon its divine magic, in case the icon itself is lost.

As said, a rough sketch of the symbol is drawn here.

End of Report.