C'est la Voiuvre

Name: Aiden Harthen
Quest: Val J’ahn’s badger nonsense
Client: Val J’ahn
Participating Guildmembers: Aiden Harthen, Aria, Jay, Briar, Willow, Smeesh, Val J’ahn, the Constable? Or otherwise an unnaturally large badger who just happens to respond to the name, while the actual The Constable is out… somewhere.
Summary: We had scarsely set out and already I had a headache. After reassuring Val J’ahn that Scherbrim was not lying in his examination of the Constable, we set out to try and deal with whatever issue it was Mabel’s Menagerie was dealing with. Something about a large scaled beast. I try to listen, I do, but sometimes events just sound so strange that in the time it takes for you to register what you learned, the explanation has drifted off elsewhere.

Partway through, we encountered a gathering of treants and other odd skull faced trees in a clearing. The skull faced ones are apparently carnivorous. The treants explained that a lot of the food for predatory creatures in the forest has been disappearing, and gave us an initial lead on where to go. Something involving fey. As the skull faced trees eyed us as a snack, Smeesh came up with the idea to use magic to turn a bunch of dirt into edible gruel. The consensus seemed to be to just stay out of the reach of those trees instead.

Following the lead, we came to a lake with a singing woman and a bunch of smaller fey. Aria described them as a Voivre, the look of a human woman being in place as a “lure” while the rest of its form is something akin to a serpentine creature. Not something I’m familiar with myself. As it soon drew us into combat, we found that it kept the company of a hydra. After an irritating skirmish, we put both of them down, hopefully ridding the woods of the issues of overpredation.

End of Report.