Catfolk Have Caravan

Characters: Veetahn, Flint, Grolakk, Hanz, Smeesh, Arredesh, Lily
Transfat’s own session so notes are for general stuff.
Escorting a caravan from the Great Wastes
They have various curios, including landshark parts, and blue sand. Know Sinbad the Sailor.
Story is he got wishes from a genie. Said genie was a douche.
Moving out
Giants at a bridge. Not friends of Bobingus, but rather Boborngus the Second.
Fought giants, took prisoners.
Continued on.
Travelers that had broken cart. But not really. A trap set by what were likely slavers.
Did not fight them, but alerted the authorities and got out without a fight, sending them on their way.
Complete. Sand achieved. Smeesh got cactus juice booze.