Bodaks in the Basement

Characters: Willow, Scherbrim, Flint, Lor & Ip, Bastel, Zillah, Raserai

  • Going into the catacombs of the guild to try to clean up the bodak situation

  • Parts of them are barricaded up

  • Going down to Edgar, he has some equipment but party handled it already

  • Now going down stairs, Edgar pulls Bastel aside for some info

  • At the barricade, some preperations

  • Realized looking through the barricade is a bad idea for things with nasty gaze attacks

  • Bit of prep at the barricade

  • OH YEAH! on through the barricade

  • A bodak was behind the barricade waiting

  • Smack the bodak

  • Looking through the rooms, few empty rooms

  • Two rooms full of bodaks, including Aodh

  • Another bodak lizardfolk holding weapons

  • Where is skeleman bodak? Howard Silver?

  • Cleared the bodaks

  • Sinister trumpet music, to be continued