Boars Ablaze

Characters: Grolakk, Hanz, Norm, Scherbrim, Veetahn, Zillah

2,500 xp each

Items Looted:
+2 Breastplate
+2 Greataxe
+4 Headband of Alluring Charisma - Claimed by Norm
+2 Belt of Giant Strength
50 +1 Flaming Arrows
200 gp each from miscellaneous items

Item gifted from Ro’tah, formerly known as Tauborra
Totem of the Red Skies - A strange and weathered magical totem that can be crushed as a free action when starting a Rage or a Raging Song. This consumes the totem, but grants the wielder the Summer Rage rage power for the next 24 hours.